This Is How Spring Can Affect Your Skin

Finally, springtime is here! New Englanders everywhere are ready to enjoy the warmer weather, soak up the sun, and get some quality outdoor activities into their schedule. It’s an exciting time, but it is a time where your skin can get affected. Changes in temperature can leave an impact, so be sure to look out […]

Care For Your Hair and Nails

When you’re looking for the perfect supplements for caring for your body, you’ll find that many things are advertised as good for hair and nails. How can something be good for two very different body parts? Take a look at the similarities between skin and nails, and how you can keep them both healthy. Both […]

Skincare Tips for Winter

Winter can be a definite problem for your skin. Every year, people deal with dry and flaky skin throughout the winter. This is more than just a cosmetic issue—dry skin can lead to itchiness and health problems. Keep your skin soft and healthy throughout the winter with these tips. Moisturize. Use lotions and moisturizing creams […]

How Does Sulfur Help Your Skin?

When you think of sulfur, you might be thinking of harsh chemicals and bad smells. However, it’s an extremely useful ingredient in topical skincare, and can be a great relief for those with acne, rosacea, or eczema. Learn about how sulfur can help your skin. Sulfur dries the top layer of skin, which is good […]

Skin Conditions That Can Flare-Up in Winter

Dr. Robaina might be based in Florida, but our team knows that much of the country faces some cold weather conditions as we head into the holiday season. The temperatures begin to drop, winds pick up, humidity plummets, and we’re left dealing with some of the problematic side effects of winter- such as dry skin. […]

Why Acne Treatments are a Multi-Step Process

We see commercials on television frequently advertising different forms of acne treatment. Whether it’s a prescription-grade medicine or just a simple drugstore product, it often only depicts an actor cleaning his or her face before wiping away the face wash and moving about their day. Acne does not have a simple solution because it’s not […]

Be Prepared for the Next Hurricane

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, Dr. Robaina would like to remind our customers that September isNational Preparedness Month. We are a Miami-based company who cares about the wellbeing of our neighbors, and want everyone to continue to stay alert during the Hurricane season. For this, we have a list of hurricane preparedness tips we […]

Why You Shouldn’t Pop Your Pimples

It happens to all of us- you wake up one morning and find acne on different areas of your face. We can’t blame your desire to want to get rid of the acne; it can be such an eyesore! You might not be able to pinpoint the exact reason for your breakout, but Dr. Robaina […]

Unexpected Reasons You’ve Been Breaking Out This Summer

The weather is warm, and everyone is getting out their favorite shorts and bathing suits for the rest of the summer season. For many, it’s the best time of year, and for others, it’s a time for acne flare-ups. Dr. Robaina understands their frustration while searching for affordable acne treatments, but why do breakouts seem […]

Reasons for Dry Skin in the Summer

With the warm weather here, Dr. Robaina gets many questions about scaly skin treatments and why our skin feels rough even in humid environments. There are many reasons you might suffer from scaly skin, some of which you have never thought of before. As a company that creates products for scaly skin treatment, here are […]